Hallasan Venture Listings Inc.


Hallasan Venture Listings Inc. is a consulting company that is focused on bringing quality Korean-based companies to the Canadian market.

We are based in Toronto, in the heart of Canada’s financial markets.

We have particular expertise in dealings with the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) – See Why.


General Business Consulting Services – Doing Business In Canada

We have the knowledge and experience to assist you to conduct business in Canada (and also access the United States market).

We can provide legal and other advice and assist you in a wide range of areas including:

  • advising the best form of organization to conduct business in Canada or the United States;

  • opening an office or having a presence in Canada or the United States;

  • arranging for appropriate legal and accounting professionals;

  • introductions to potential joint venture partners;

  • assistance with financing;

  • assistance with all types of contracts and legal arrangements;

  • tax advice;

  • securities law advice;

  • intellectual property protection;

  • marketing and distribution advice;

  • any other business related service to facilitate your success in the North American market.

We are based in Toronto, in the heart of the Canadian business community.  Starting with a business presence in Toronto is the ideal launching pad to do business in both the United States and Canada.


Listing On The TSXV

Our services are focused on sourcing Korean-based private companies that are seeking to “go public” and merging them with public companies (including CPC Shells) that are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

We will typically arrange listings via a Reverse-Take-Over with an Existing Listed Company or via a Qualifying Transaction with a Capital Pool Company.

We are also able to assist with various other forms of “going public” in Canada.


Interlisting On The TSXV

Companies that are already listed on the Korean Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ) can also benefit from “interlisting” on the TSXV.

Interlisting means having the company’s securities listed on more than one stock exchange.

Interlisting has many advantages, including allowing the company’s shares to be accessible to more potential investors and this helps to increase the company’s liquidity.

For more on the advantages of Interlisting on the TSXV, see – Benefits of Interlisting on the TSXV

For more on the benefits of Listing on the TSXV, see – Benefits of Listing on the TSXV 


Please contact us at info@hallasanlistings.com for more information.