Hallasan Venture Listings Inc.



How We Charge For Services

We understand that every client and every situation is unique.  Therefore, we approach all of our clients and every situation on an individual basis.

We charge in relation to the services that we anticipate will be required by each client.

Typically, our fee amounts include the following components: 

i) Work Fee – a monthly retainer fee for the work we provide for the term of an Agreement (typically to assist in relation to a TSXV listing, our consulting engagement would last 3 – 6 months).

ii) Success Fee – a fee set in advance for us to be paid upon the goal being attainted (typically a signed Letter of Intent).

iii) Success Options – options (to purchase shares of the listed company post-listing) which are granted in the event our client is successfully listed on the stock exchange.


Please contact us at info@hallasanlistings.com for more information.