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Typical Transaction Flow Chart

We understand that our clients each have issues and goals specific to them and each arrangement is unique and specific to that client.
To provide some GENERAL guidelines, we provide the following steps which serve as a rough “road map” as to our processes.


  1. We connect with the private company client and discuss, on a preliminary level, their interest and potential suitability to proceed to the next step.


  1. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed by Hallasan and the client. Once the NDA is put in place, the client can be assured that the communication with us will remain strictly confidential.

The NDA therefore allows the client to speak openly about their business, needs and goals, in a manner that protects the client’s processes and goodwill, etc. At this stage we would also discuss and understand the client’s financial requirements going forward.


  1. If after these discussions, there is interest to proceed to the next step, a Consulting Services Agreement (“CSA”) is put in place setting out the scope of our mandate.

The CSA would include the terms and conditions of our engagement and include the duration of our engagement, our fee, our services and the goals of our engagement.

Each CSA is specific to each client and situation.


  1. After the CSA is in place, we gather information about the client such that we can prepare a Client Profile and related marketing materials. The profile and the marketing materials will be used to approach public company shells and CPCs that we deem to be suitable to proceed with an arrangement with the client. In this way we can approach and “market” the client (and its prospects) to the public company shells and CPCs .


  1. We always obtain the client’s input and have them confirm the Profile and all marketing materials.


  1. Once the Profile and marketing materials have been finalized and confirmed, we approach public company shells and CPCs to select candidates that we believe would be suitable for a potential partnership with the client.


  1. After appropriate discussions, we identify quality public company shells and CPCs that would be appropriate for the client to proceed with a transaction.   Once we identify the potential partner for the client to enter into a transaction with, we assist with the negotiation of a Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI provides the framework and all of the terms and conditions of a transaction with the public company shell or CPCs.


  1. Upon the signing of the LOI, the CSA is generally complete and we would typically enter into a new agreement with the client on how we can assist them through the transaction phase.


  1. Our assistance to the client after the LOI stage can range from full service to the closing of the transaction or we can act in more of an advisory role.

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