Benefit Of Listing On The TSXV




On average, companies listed on TSX are covered by four analysts, whereas TSXV- listed companies are covered by one analyst.

In addition, Canadian companies listed on our Exchanges attract more analyst coverage than their counterparts that choose to only list on a U.S. exchange. Companies that are inter or dual-listed on a U.S. exchange are covered by an average of nine analysts.


Index Eligibility

Companies listed on TSX are eligible to be included in the S&P/TSX Composite Index and other S&P/TSX sector indices. TSXV listed companies are eligible to be included in the S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index. As an index constituent, companies benefit from increased visibility and improved investor awareness.

Index-based investing strategies are popular among investors, including institutional investors. According to Benefits Canada, almost one-third of Canadian pension fund assets invested in Canadian stocks are managed using index-based investing strategies.

Click here to access a list of all S&P/TSX indices.


Institutional Investment

In addition to retail investors, a listing on TSX/TSXV can get an issuer noticed by the Canadian institutional investment community. Canadian portfolio managers funnel 70% of their money into Canadian assets.


Market Support

Canadian investors and analysts tend to be better-informed and risk tolerant, have lower turnover in their portfolios, and more likely to stick with Canadian investments for the longer term.


Well-regulated and Fully-automated Marketplace

The ability of investors to buy or sell a reasonable amount of stock, and without incurring major price changes, is an important feature of a quality market. This instils trust in the market and encourages more trading.

Because most of our trading rules are built into our automated systems, TSX and TSXV ensure consistent treatment of all orders. This consistency enhances investor confidence in the fairness of our market.


Expertise and Innovation

Our Exchanges are home to emerging and global leaders across all industry sectors. Our expertise expands beyond our traditional base of the resource sectors, to include global leaders in Financial Services, as well as hundreds of companies in the dynamic innovation sectors, such as Technology, Clean Technology and Life Sciences.


TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) – Benefits of an Interlisting on the TSXV

An interlisting on the TSXV offers many benefits to an international public company, such as:

–       Access to raising capital from North American sources

–       Diversifying and broadening the company’s investor base with North American investors

–       Increasing marketability and liquidity of the company’s shares;

–       Achieving greater global brand recognition;

Opportunities for greater analyst coverage, including, if applicable, analyst coverage at fairly early stages of a company’s growth cycle; and

Exposure to North America’s consumer market (increased brand recognition).


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