Minimum Listing Requirements



Minimum Listing Requirements

The TSXV has relatively low minimum listing requirements.  The TSXV is therefore an ideal stock exchange for new and smaller companies. 

The TSXV also has the advantage of having relatively low filing fees to initially list and also to maintain the listing (compared with other stock exchanges).

Generally speaking, the Minimum Listing Requirements are listed below.

1. Assets

  • $750,000 of net tangible assets; OR

  • $500,000 of revenues; OR

  • $2,000,000 of financing (in conjunction with the listing)


2. Working Capital

Sufficient working capital to carry out the company’s Business Plan for 12 months PLUS an additional $100,000


3. Business

The company must have significant ownership of the assets that form the business


4. History of Business Operations

There must be reasonable validity of the business concept


5. Management & Board of Directors (We can assist you with this requirement)

  • Some individuals will be required to have adequate experience in the applicable industry

  • Some individuals will be required to have adequate experience of being a director of a public company

  • Required to have 2 independent directors


6. Public Float and Liquidity

There must be a sufficient public float to sustain liquidity in the public market


7. Sponsorship

An independent entity may be required to confirm the adequacy of the company to be a publicly listed compan



Industrial, Technology, R&D, Real Estate Listing Requirement (TSXV)